Delivering finest organ jazz since 2005

Karl Olandersson

One of Sweden’s most hired jazz trumpet soloists. Karl grew up in Hedemora in the county of Dalarna but moved to Stockholm in 1997 to study at the Royal College of Music.

Here’s selection of bands he currently playing with:

Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Stockholm Swing All Stars, Karl Olandersson Quartet, Trinity, Klas Lindquist Nonet, Hacke Björksten Band, Ronnie Gardiner All Stars, Stora Stygga, Patrik Boman 7P Machine

He’s also often hired as guest soloist in other bands, as well as some studio work and TV-productions. Examples of the latter are Let’s Dance and Idrottsgalan.

He has also been working as the main teacher on jazz trumpet at the Royal College of Music.

Personal website:

Upcoming gigs
Latest gigs
  • 24 mars 2021 , 8:00pm
    Livestream Hellkvist Headquarters
  • 4 december 2020 , 8:00pm
    Musikföreningen Apoteket,  Upplands-Väsby
  • 5 november 2020 , 8:00pm
    Katalin,  Uppsala
  • 9 oktober 2020 , 7:00pm
    Tellus,  Stockholm
  • 23 augusti 2020 , 7:00pm
    Marma kyrka,  Skutskär
  • 8 augusti 2020 , 8:30pm
    Glenn Miller Café Stockholm
  • 18 juli 2020 , 6:00pm
    Valbo kyrka,  Valbo
  • 16 juli 2020 , 6:00pm
    Botanika,  Uppsala
  • 15 juli 2020 , 7:30pm
    Västerledskyrkan,  Stockholm
  • 5 juli 2020 , 6:00pm
    Vaksala kyrka,  Uppsala Inställt pga corona