10-year anniversary

This year, 2015, and to be more exact, this summer, we celebrate our 10th anniversary! In the summer of 2005, Ali, who founded the group, asked Karl to join him and Andreas for a few church concerts. The premiere date was July 18th and on that day we did two concerts. It all turned out very well, and today we look back on 10 years of fun memories and interesting experiences, both musically and socially. Over the years this trio really has evolved into a trinity in the true sense of the word, an organism in which all are contributing uniquely to the musical content, arrangements and sound, where descisions are made mostly in consent and sometimes by majority.

The name Trinity was used for the first time in 2007 for a concert in Andreas’ hometown Borlänge. There were no deeper meaning intended when choosing the name, other than being suitable for a trio and with a vague reference to Larry Young’s “Unity”, a record that has been a great inspiration. However, we soon discovered a fun way of prestenting ourselves during concerts by making the analogy to the trinity of the church. Ali, as the founder of the group and the oldest of us three, would be the “father”. Karl, delivering most of our lead melodies, thus being the mouthpiece of the group and also the youngest member, would be the son. And Andreas, tying the music of Ali and Karl together, the holy ghost. At first, we weren’t sure whether this would be an appropriate way the present the band, espescially when doing church concerts, but as it turned out, most preachers found it amusing and not blasphemous at all!

The summer of 2007 was also the starting point of the group being more directed towards jazz clubs instead of churches, by changing the repertoire and overall output.

Paris Eyes Our first record, “Paris Eyes”, was recorded in the autumn of 2009 and released on March 18th 2010. This introduced Trinity to a wider audience of the Swedish jazz community and made us quite busy the rest of that year, touring all across Sweden. With Paris Eyes, we really had found our “thing”, regarding sound, image and repertoire, and the expressive possibilities of our trio became increasingly evident.

The second album “Get Out” was recorded and released in 2011. It had a wider range of songs, containing jazz standards and evergreens but also compositions from each member of the group. The music was also stylishly a bit more diverse, reflecting the development of our trio during the intense year following Paris Eyes.
Get Out - 2011

Last year we recorded and released our third album, simply named “Three”. Once again one could see how the years of touring since the last record had shaped and refined our music even further.
Three - 2014

The last two years we have broadened our audience by also playing at schools and homes for elderly. It’s very refreshing to see that the music can be appreciated by both the youngest and oldest members of society.

So what’s next? Well, of course we’ll continue doing what we already are doing and were currently planning our next album. Besides that, I think one the main goals in the time to come to is go abroad, to play and spread our music outside Sweden. The first step on this journey will be a jazz festival in the north of Norway later this summer. But, of course, we hope it won’t stop there.

Do take a walk down memory lane and check out our new gallery where we have gathered concert pictures from most of our gigs.

Hope to see you at a show somewhere!