How it all began

Trinity dec-13 45The story of Trinity starts sometime in the autumn of 2003. At the time, jam sessions were regularly held at one of the several cafés in the city of Uppsala. I was looking to start a new band, and one of these nights I stumbled upon Andreas Hellkvist, a Hammond organ player I had heard about but never played with. This was the starting point of a very interesting musical companionship.

We spent many hours jamming in the duo format. When I heard Andreas play with both his hands and feet, reducing the function of two instruments into one person, I became aware of the full potential and versatility of the Hammond organ. For some time we were out playing, mostly giving church concerts. Sometimes as a duo, sometimes as a trio (inviting different musicians), and sometimes accompanying poem recitals. Eventually we both realized what was missing – a trumpet!

There were never any question about who we wanted to ask first to join the band – Karl Olandersson, a young but already well-established trumpet player. I had played with him before, and also heard him play in other bands. Karl and Andreas grew up in neighbouring cities, so Andreas had the chance to hear Karl’s great talent already from an early stage of his career. We considered his sound and playing style to be a perfect match for the organ and the drums. Luckily he accepted our invitation, and so in the summer of 2005, the band was complete and Trinity was born.

Jojo Djeridi