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At Ekebyhovs castle

Trinity at Ekebyhovs castle

Just a picture from yesterday’s concert at Ekebyhov castle on Ekerö, Stockholm.

Trinity at the Brännkyrka organ festival

On september 30th Trinity will play at the Brännkyrka organ festival. Ali and Andreas will play one song on church organ and drums, then there will be an ordinary concert with the Hammond.

Recording live at Glen Miller Café

This week Trinity will be playing at Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm on wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th. Wednesday night’s gig will be recorded and filmed!

The picture is taken from a gig last summer.


Premiere of this summer’s church gigs

As usual Trinity will be out playing in churches during summer. The first two gigs was this weekend, at Möklinta om saturday and Älvkarleby och sunday. A lot of new tunes has been added to the repertiore.

Release of ”Paris Eyes” in Japan!

First of all, Trinity, wishes a happy 2012 to everyone!

In February Trinity’s first album ”Paris Eyes” will be released in Japan through Spice Of Life. Below is a live recording of the record’s title tune.

Tour dates keep coming in so check in once in a while to keep up!



Release info

Trinity’s second record ”Get Out” is finally released. It’s currently available in these online stores:

Plugged – our official distributor   Click here     Click here

CD-baby     Click here

It will also be available on Spotify. Check out the MUSIC page for samples from the CD!

If you missed the release concert, some of the songs will be uploaded to Trinity’s youtube channel. Here’s one clip, Sonny Stitt’s ”Eternal Triangle”. You can also see some clips on the MUSIC page.


”Get Out” soon to be released!

The official release date for Get Out is November 18th.
It will be available at Plugged and CD-baby and also on Spotify.

”Get Out” has already received some very good reviews. Check them out on our PRESS page! (Thery’re all in Swedish though).

Release party

The release party will take place att Teater Lederman on Friday November 18th 7pm.
The concert starts at 7.30 and will be played in two sets.
There will be a cover charge of 100kr.

Come and party with us!

Buy your ticket at Teater Lederman’s web page.


New record coming out!

During the summer Trinity has recorded and completed the production of their new second CD, ”Get Out”. The album features a mix of jazz standards,  evergreens and original compositions from all of the members in the band.

The official release is planned to take place in mid november. Stay tuned!

Andreas’ composition ”One For Anders” was played on the show ”Jazzlandet” on Swedish Radio P2 on Aug 30th. Here’s a sample of that song:



Below is a recording of ”Cherry” from Trinity’s autumn tour of 2010. This song is also on the new album. Enjoy!

Upcoming gigs

  • 30 januari 2019 , 8:00pm
    Fasching,  Stockholm

Latest gigs

  • 4 december 2018 , 1:00pm
    Björken,  Tierp
  • 4 december 2018 , 11:00am
    Åskarbygården,  Tierp
  • 27 november 2018 , 2:00pm
    Trumsalagarbacken,  Västerås
  • 27 november 2018 , 11:00am
    Vallonen,  Västerås
  • 26 november 2018 , 2:00pm
    Ankaret,  Västerås
  • 26 november 2018 , 11:00am
    Hälleborg,  Västerås
  • 20 november 2018 , 2:00pm
    Zethelius,  Västerås
  • 20 november 2018 , 11:00am
    Hagalidsgården,  Västerås
  • 19 november 2018 , 2:00pm
    Granen,  Västerås
  • 19 november 2018 , 11:00am
    Björkbacken,  Västerås