New videos!

We put up some new videos on our YouTube channel! Both of them are recorded at Brännkyrka kyrka on August 18th this year. Enjoy!


Season greetings

FullSizeRender2015 is almost over and we’ve had our last gigs for this year, which was our tenth anniversary. We’ll start 2016 early by performing at the festival Trettondagsjazz in Gävle. Hope to see you there!

To the right is a picture from one of the great memories from 2015. We played at the Hemnesjazz festival in Norway. It was the first gig abroad, and also the most northern gig we’ve had so far. Here we’re posing i front of the fjord, right before the gig.

Thank you for all support this year. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you in 2016!

Summer memories and autumn plans

2015-08-22-Gröndals-kyrka-GröndalOn Saturday 22nd of August we played in Gröndals church, our last concert this summer. It was a beautiful day, the church was crowded with a fantastic audience cheering us all the way. All in all, a good way to end our summer tour. To the right is a picture from the concert.  Now we prepare for the autumn. A bunch of concerts of course and we’ll also start planning our fourth album. Stay tuned!

Trinity 10-year anniversary!

trinityToday we celebrate our 10-anniversary! It was on July 18th 2005 that we had our first two gigs. This calls for celebration of course! Below are some links to check out. The picture is one of the first group shots taken, from 2007.

Text summing up the last ten years:

Gallery with pictures from almost all our gigs:

And here’s a list of all our concerts so far:

We hope to see you soon!

Celebrating June 6th, Sweden’s national day

Today, June 6th, is the national day of Sweden, Last year we celebrated this with a concert with Uppsala big band. The arrangements were written by Mats Engström. Here’s one tune from that concert. Ali Djeridi’s ”Loj”. Enjoy!

Another new video – Misty

On our last album Three we recorded an uptempo version of Erroll Garner’s Misty. It has become one of the favorites, both to the audience and ourselves. Here’s a recording from earlier this year. Enjoy!

New video

From our spring tour. This was recorded at jazz club Perdido, Örnsköldsvik.

Trinity meets Uppsala Storband

us_logoOn June 6th,  the national day of Sweden, Trinity will do a concert together with Uppsala Storband (big band) at outdoors stage Parksnäckan in Uppsala.This is the first time we work together with a big band and we really looking forward to it.

The first set will be played by Uppsala storband and Andreas and Karl will be gurst soloists. Then in the second set Trinity will start just as a trio and then the set will finish by adding the horns. The arrangements will be built around  some of the songs recorded by Trinity through the years.

Do come and celebrate the national day with us. We’ll have a blast!

Link to facebook event

Parksnäckan’s web site

Uppsala storband’s web site

New year, new record and a lot of concerts


We started 2014 by recording our third album. It will be available for sale on March 5th

It was record on January 8-10th at Musikrum-1 in Uppsala. Palli Kristmundsson was there on one of the recording days and took some nice photos. Check them out:

The release concert will be held at Underbara bar in Stockholm on March 10th. Do come and celebrate with us!

We will also be touring quite a lot. Check out the gig list to find the venue nearest you. Hope to see you somewhere!


Fasching on November 12th

On November 12 th Trinity played at jazz club Fasching, Stockholm. It was a great night! Here’s some pictures from the concert:

Upcoming gigs

  • 13 juni 2017 , 7:00pm
    Folkkulturcentrum,  Hjorthagen
  • 11 juli 2017 , 7:00pm
    Västervåla kyrka,  Fagersta
  • 23 juli 2017 , 7:00pm
    Gagnefs församlingshem,  Gagnef
  • 24 juli 2017 , 12:00pm
    Årstakyrkan,  Uppsala

Latest gigs

  • 16 mars 2017 , 8:00pm
    Mornington hotell,  Stockholm
  • 11 oktober 2016 , 7:30pm
    Tyresö jazzklubb,  Tyresö
  • 8 oktober 2016 , 5:00pm
    Kulturskolan,  Arboga
  • 7 oktober 2016 , 7:00pm
    Folkets hus,  Surahammar
  • 7 oktober 2016 , 2:00pm
    Skolkonsert,  Surahammar
  • 7 oktober 2016 , 10:00am
    Skolkonsert,  Surahammar
  • 6 oktober 2016 , 7:00pm
    Kulturhuset Korpen,  Skinnskatteberg
  • 6 oktober 2016 , 12:30pm
    Kulturhuset Korpen,  Skinnskatteberg
  • 6 oktober 2016 , 11:10am
    Kulturhuset Korpen,  Skinnskatteberg
  • 18 augusti 2016 , 7:00am
    Brännkyrka kyrka,  Älvsjö