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Ali Djeridi

Ali has been a professional jazz drummer since 1985. His playing style is comprised by a powerful swing, polyrhythmic escapades and a great dynamic span. He can make the drums whisper and he can make them shout.

During his career he has played with most Swedish jazz musicians. Early collaborations include saxophone players Nisse Sandström and Krister Andersson. For some 10 years he played with Maffy Falay and Bernt Rosengren at jazz club Lilla Maria in Stockholm. Later he has played with Arko Big Band with Maria Schneider as the leader. 

He attended the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and has also studied at the New School in New York.

Currently he has a quartet in his own name featuring Krister Andersson, Lars Jansson and Palle Danielsson. He is also involved in a number of other projects. More info at his personal website.

Personal website:

Upcoming gigs
  • 30 januari 2019 , 8:00pm
    Fasching,  Stockholm
Latest gigs
  • 4 december 2018 , 1:00pm
    Björken,  Tierp
  • 4 december 2018 , 11:00am
    Åskarbygården,  Tierp
  • 27 november 2018 , 2:00pm
    Trumsalagarbacken,  Västerås
  • 27 november 2018 , 11:00am
    Vallonen,  Västerås
  • 26 november 2018 , 2:00pm
    Ankaret,  Västerås
  • 26 november 2018 , 11:00am
    Hälleborg,  Västerås
  • 20 november 2018 , 2:00pm
    Zethelius,  Västerås
  • 20 november 2018 , 11:00am
    Hagalidsgården,  Västerås
  • 19 november 2018 , 2:00pm
    Granen,  Västerås
  • 19 november 2018 , 11:00am
    Björkbacken,  Västerås