Andreas Hellkvist

When Andreas discovered the Hammond organ in his last year of high school there was no turning back. He played piano at the time, but immediately realized that the organ would be his main instrument.

He is and has always been primarily a jazz organist, but apart from that his engagements range from playing blues, soul, progressive rock and arena organ at sports events. To mention a few, some other bands that feature Andreas are Anresen Bluesband, Joel Svensson Trio and Boheme.

Trinity showcases most of Andreas’ organ playing skills. Playing bass both with pedals and his left hand, sometimes hard swinging, sometimes playing lyrically och melodic.

His playing is always very expressive and ”in the moment”, and few who have seen him in action leave the concert untouched. Over the years he has built a reputation of being an organ player with outstanding technique, great swing and a complete devotion to the music.

He has also done demonstrations for Swedish Hammond. Some of his videos on youtube has reached hundreds of thousands of views.

Personal website:

Upcoming gigs

  • 7 april 2018 , 4:00pm
    Ludvika kyrka,  Ludvika
  • 16 maj 2018
    St Eskils kyrka,  Handen
  • 22 maj 2018 , 7:30pm
    Folkkulturcentrum,  Hjorthagen
  • 27 juni 2018 , 8:00pm
    Stora Kopparbergs kyrka,  Falun
  • 7 juli 2018 , 6:00pm
    Gröndals kyrka,  Gröndal
  • 3 augusti 2018
    Ystads jazzfestival,  Ystad
  • 19 augusti 2018 , 6:00pm
    Bergs kyrka,  Västerås

Latest gigs

  • 4 februari 2018 , 5:00pm
    Mälarhöjdens kyrka,  Stockholm
  • 20 december 2017 , 2:00pm
    Parkgården,  Västerås
  • 20 december 2017 , 11:00am
    Skallbergets mötesplats/servicehus,  Västerås
  • 14 december 2017 , 3:00pm
    Herrgärdets mötesplats/ servicehus,  Västerås
  • 14 december 2017 , 1:30am
    Skiljebo mötesplats,  Västerås
  • 4 december 2017 , 2:30pm
    Oxbackens mötesplats,  Västerås
  • 4 december 2017 , 1:00pm
    Bäckby mötesplats,  Västerås
  • 20 november 2017 , 2:30pm
    Mötesplats Råby,  Västerås
  • 20 november 2017 , 1:00pm
    Hammarby mötesplats/servicehus,  Västerås
  • 17 november 2017 , 3:00pm
    Vallby mötesplats/servicehus,  Västerås