2015 marks the 10 year anniversary for Trinity. Looking back one can state that we have found a concept, an expression and an interplay that almost every kind of audience seem to enjoy – young and old, experienced jazz listeners as well as new ones. The repertiore is generally quite varied containing our favorite standards and evergreens, mostly in our own arrangements, as well as our own compositions.
What is most often mentioned from the audience after a concert is the interplay between us and the joy that eminates from the stage, that they enjoy both hearing and seeing us. It clearly reflects the fact that over the years we’ve become tighter and tighter and that we still have a lot of fun playing together. The playfulness and spontaneity is always there as an integral part of the performance and we always strive to further develop our group musically.
Aside from that we also put a lot of focus on the format – a carefully selected program, a thought through presentation and also a visually appealing image on stage. The music itself ranges from soft ballads to furious hard swing and with three expressive soloists it always is a joy for both ears and eyes.
So far we have released 3 albums, Paris Eyes (2010), Get Out (2011) and Three (2014).
During our anniversary year we’ll be playing around Sweden in jazz clubs, churches, in schools and homes for elderly, just as usual. Hope to see you somewhere!
Karl Olandersson


Ali Djeridi


Andreas Hellkvist

Hammond organ

One of Sweden’s most prominent trumpet players. Karl can be seen and heard almost everywhere, on records, at concerts and on tv. The initiator of Trinity, and an experienced jazz drummer. Supplies a steady groove to the group, and now and then some polyrhythmic escapades. Plays the organ with his both hands and feet, sometimes calmly, sometimes furiously but always swinging.
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Upcoming gigs

  • 7 april 2018 , 4:00pm
    Ludvika kyrka,  Ludvika
  • 16 maj 2018
    St Eskils kyrka,  Handen
  • 22 maj 2018 , 7:30pm
    Folkkulturcentrum,  Hjorthagen
  • 27 juni 2018 , 8:00pm
    Stora Kopparbergs kyrka,  Falun
  • 7 juli 2018 , 6:00pm
    Gröndals kyrka,  Gröndal
  • 3 augusti 2018
    Ystads jazzfestival,  Ystad
  • 19 augusti 2018 , 6:00pm
    Bergs kyrka,  Västerås

Latest gigs

  • 4 februari 2018 , 5:00pm
    Mälarhöjdens kyrka,  Stockholm
  • 20 december 2017 , 2:00pm
    Parkgården,  Västerås
  • 20 december 2017 , 11:00am
    Skallbergets mötesplats/servicehus,  Västerås
  • 14 december 2017 , 3:00pm
    Herrgärdets mötesplats/ servicehus,  Västerås
  • 14 december 2017 , 1:30am
    Skiljebo mötesplats,  Västerås
  • 4 december 2017 , 2:30pm
    Oxbackens mötesplats,  Västerås
  • 4 december 2017 , 1:00pm
    Bäckby mötesplats,  Västerås
  • 20 november 2017 , 2:30pm
    Mötesplats Råby,  Västerås
  • 20 november 2017 , 1:00pm
    Hammarby mötesplats/servicehus,  Västerås
  • 17 november 2017 , 3:00pm
    Vallby mötesplats/servicehus,  Västerås